Social Media Management for Durex

Durex Insta Feed - 12:22:18.png

DUREX (RED) Social Media Management

In November, DUREX launched their partnership with (RED). #HaveSexSaveLives was a 360 Campaign, partnered with international brand teams, (RED) and Zara Larsson.

I worked with stakeholders and design teams to make content in-line with legal and brand partnership protocol to fully leverage the partnerships and create a compelling brand launch.

See their current Instagram feed here.



Durex Holiday Instagram Posts

Durex Snapchat Stories


Durex In-Feed Paid Ads


This is a sample of an Instagram feed mockup we made to show the brand team the look and feel of DUREX (RED) during the month of December.

We used relevant tentpole dates to engage the national conversation, and highlighted the (RED) partnership. All content was shared with (RED) for their mutual use.