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Community Management for Mucinex


Community Management

Community Management takes many shapes and forms. In social, it most frequently means activating and engaging users who already are a part of a brand community (followers, etc).

For Mucinex, it encompasses user growth through increased engagement and growth through organic shares.


A Chat with David Spade

A user @mentioned David Spade and drew us into his commentary from a recent flight when a fellow passenger was incessantly coughing.

We worked quickly (24 hours or less) to respond to his tweet and created custom imagery.

David Spade liked our tweet. 🤩 


The Mr. Mucus Blimp

Paul F. Tompkins mentioned that he thought the Macy’s parade should include Mr. Mucus. The brand sent him some goodies, and he followed up with a post showing the content.

We created another custom image to show that we’re keeping his idea in mind—and who knows? Maybe we’ll see Mr. Mucus at Macy’s next year.